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Violence in Olympic

Despite what Coubertin had not hoped for the Olympic Games till the total peace in the world. In fact, three Olympiads had to pass without Olympic Games, because the wars: as consequence of world War I 1916 the Games were annulled, and the summer and winter games by 1940 and 1944 were annulled because of the Second world War.

Terrorism has also a recent threat for the Olympic Games. In 1972, when the Summer Games in Munich, West-germany, eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team by the Palestinian terrorist groups taken hostage became loved became Black September in a little known state as the bloodbath Munich. A bungled liberation attempt led till the death of the nine kidnapped athletes that had not been killed prior to the rescues-just as that of a policeman, with five of the terrorists also are killed.

During the Olympic summer game of 1996 in Atlanta, a bombardment on the Centennial Olympic Park two killed and wounded 111 others. The bomb had been started by Eric Robert Rudolph, an American domestic terrorist, that meditate on this moment a life on Supermax in Florence, Colorado.

The Olympic winter game 2002 in Salt Reprehend City became the first Olympic Games since the 11 September 2001 attacks. Olympic Games since then have requires to blame a very high extent of safety on the fear for possible terrorist activities.

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